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We bought 30-day Cuban tourist visas at the airport in Cancun for .Visas were purchased at the check in counter (or while waiting in line) before your flight.These include family visits, professional reasons, journalism, religious or cultural programs, and humanitarian projects. Organized tours that involve some sort of educational experience with local Cuban people.It’s never been defined officially, but basically your trip can’t just involve sitting on a beach.American credit & debit cards don’t work in Cuba either. Even though travel to Cuba for Americans is restricted, that doesn’t make it impossible to visit.For many years some intrepid Americans were traveling to Cuba anyway.Initially, there were three ways to accomplish this.

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Only check job offers and approved placement agencies at the official POEA website – The visa is a separate card you keep with your passport, but it’s not attached.We flew into Havana from Cancun on the Mexican budget airline Interjet for 0 USD round trip, and the flight took about an hour.If you liked this post, we encourage you to take a look at different Jobs in Dubai we have listed or our other new releases for Work In Canada, jobs in Cyprus.

was created after Cuba nationalized American-owned oil refineries without compensation.Since more people search for job everyday using the official POEA website, I decided to provide a link where you can see job listings direct from POEA accredited agencies.