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23-Dec-2017 22:11

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And if marriage is a possibility with the man you’re dating, observe his attitude toward money, his spending habits and his commitment to tithe.Each will give you clues on what to expect should you become his wife.If he’s a creature that flings credit cards at every turn, that’s your clue to dig a little deeper. This is the standard by which you must measure him:(Matthew ) Whether you’re 20 or 60 years old, or whether it’s your first date or you’re about to send out wedding invitations, bring your girlfriend with you.Otherwise, entering into marriage with debt, money issues and financial troubles will surely have you walking down the aisle toward the altar of disaster. Expect to be treated with utmost respect because you know who you are—the masterpiece in God’s hands as you declare:(Psalm 1) Sign 5: He’s in the red.

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“Why didn’t someone write the book on how to find the man of your dreams? We graduated from the same college, lived in the same dorm.

They point out flaws you overlook because you’re so much “in love” that you’ve become deaf to their wisdom. And emotions can blind one from seeing potential pitfalls.

Time to assess: Your own path to happiness might not be God’s way to bring you lasting joy.

This red flag needs to fly high reminding you he’s not the spiritual leader, the kind you need should marriage plans appear in the horizon.

Time to assess: Be true to God first and be sincere in your asking for His guidance to identify the strong spiritual leader with sound convictions and good character to be your future husband.Reflect on the advice given, and no matter how well-defined your plans are, welcome wise counsel from those who love you because (Proverbs ) Sign 4: Criticism becomes a pattern.